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These are the same bags as the CB3000, but with our curved Springer lid.  The body is made from 100% full grain leather that is nearly 3/16" thick.  The leather body is further reinforced by a plastic liner to ensure these bags will never sag. Ever.  The molded shock-resistant ABS backs maximize volume and holds the bag tight to the side of the bike. The lids are fully lockable with a custom inset lock, so you won't have to hassle with padlocks.  And this is all mounted to the bike by our patented Clamp-It locking mechanism.  

Mounting and Compatibility

These bags will fit all 1993 and newer Dynas, and all the mounting hardware is included. These bags do not require turn signal relocation on any models. However, they will not fit if you have shorter than stock turn signal stand offs.  If you have a newer Wide Glide with a side mounted license plate, you will have to move it back slightly using this kit.  For all other models all the required mounting hardware is included with the bags. Also compatible with a detachable backrest. Installation manual can be found here.


H:  13"

L:  18"

D:  7 1/2"

Lid Opening:  6 1/2"x10"

For volume comparison, each bag will hold 29 12oz beverage cans.  1146 cubic inches per side.  The dimensions listed when clicking on the information tab above are for the size box the bags come in.

Current Stock:
Width: 22.00
Height: 19.00
Depth: 15.00

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