Do you have any coupon codes or discounts?

Nope.  Everyone pays the same price on our bags.  The only reason the coupon code field is at the checkout is because our website builder doesn't allow us to remove it.

How hard is it to install your mounting hardware onto the bike?

It is relatively easy.  In most cases it is merely a process of removing the bolts from the strut  and replacing them with our longer bolts and "buttons".   It is actually easier and quicker than relocating the turn signals.  We tell people that if you are comfortable with changing your own oil, you shouldn't have any problems.  If not, you should consider having a dealer install them for you.

Will I have to relocate my turn signals?

For Softails -only if 2001 or older.  You can find more details in the instructions for the specific bags you are looking at.

For Dynas -Depends on the bags.  For LP3100 models and the Retro T-Sport bags, they will need to be relocated off the strut.  For the CB3000 and CB2900 bags you can leave the turn signals in the stock position on the strut.  You may need to relocate side mounted license plates.  See product descriptions for more info.

For Sportsters -Yes. You will need to relocate the turn signals off of the strut.

How much will it cost to ship my bags?

You can check this yourself by adding products to your cart, then by clicking view cart or view bag under the bag icon in the top right corner of the page.  Under "bag overview" there is a button that says calculate shipping.  Click that, enter your shipping information, and it will give you a shipping quote.

I have a detachable sissy bar on my bike. Can I still mount your bags?

Yes.  The only time there is a problem is if you have a pre 06 Dyna Wide Glide with the Wide Glide sideplates.  No one makes a bag that will work with these side plates because they cover up the rear hole of the frame.  However, you can use the regular Dyna sideplates and mount them on your Wide Glide and it works just fine.

I already have some nice saddlebags. Can I just buy your brackets and put them on my bags?

No.  They won't fit onto the backs of your bags unless your backs are molded exactly like ours, and they aren't.

Do you have saddlebags to fit the Deuce?

No, we have discontinued the Deuce saddlebags.

Do you make saddlebags to fit bikes other than Harleys?

Not at this time.  However, if we get enough requests for a specific bike to justify the time required to build the molds, we will consider it.

I have another question that is not listed here.

We'd love to help. Please contact us and we'll do our best!