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Expandable Capacity

You can never have too much room on your bike.  Our bags have a hidden gusset that expands to double their volume.  When expanded they have 20% more space than hard touring bags.  Plus they are fully supported, so they will never sag or drag on the corners.

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Slim Profile

When you are traveling light the bags compress to sit close to the bike.  The backs of the bags are molded to sit close to the bike, so you will still have plenty of room to bring what you need for day to day riding.  

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Large Opening

Hard bags are limited by the size of the opening.  If you want to put anything wider than 8 inches in a hard bag, you are out of luck.  Our bags unzip along the whole perimeter, so you can easily fit large items.  Plus, the fabric can form to the shape of bulky items, making fewer air gaps in your bag, and more room for your stuff.

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